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USCF & Mid Atlantic

USCF Standard Release Form
USCF License Application

Other USCF Forms
USCF Mid Atlantic Site

Local Racing Schedules

The Mid-Atlantic Calendar
The Fast Track
True Sport
D20&D42 Calendar
Team Internet

Cool Cycling Links

On-line Training Diary
Check out CW'er Martin Kube's web page
which includes an on-line Training Diary.

League of American Bicyclist
Bicycle Hall of Fame
Bicycle Classics, Inc.

Velo Club Mendrisio I
Velo Club Mendrisio II
Check out what's up with our sister club in Europe.  
You'll need to bone up on your Italian too!

Virtual Breakaway
Viva Le Tour!!!

Fantasy League  - Just Cycling
Hosted and maintained by CW'er Mike Long
Racing schedule, results & bike auction

Bike 411
The 'drome!


NOAA Weather
The Weather Channel
The Weather Underground (BWI)

Wheelmen Home